Libro de Poemas de Francisco Pinzón Bedoya - lanzado en noviembre de 2017

domingo, noviembre 02, 2008


Fotos que llegaron a mí, como llega lo que está en la Web. Es un fotógrafo espectacular, y de él sólo sé lo que él mismo expresa. Se hace llamar Soulis

"I have been experimenting with artistic imaging for several years now. It is just a simple fact that one may obtain interesting renditions and transformations of a subject by using an abundance of available tools from wonderful image enhancing, painting and manipulation software. They allow you to view your image in all kinds of ways which provide a considerable amount of change to its mood, perspective, feeling, and power of impression. Here are some samples of that study. I will be perpetually attempting to create images of a radically or mildly different world of color and feeling. Thank you for coming.
Soulis "

De sus hermosas imágenes, sólo solicita que:

These images are for everyone to enjoy.
You may use these images on your computers, pages and in your presentations.
You may also link to them in any way you please.
You may not distribute, or modify these images in any way.
You must obtain my permission to use them in any commercial capacity whatsoever.
Please don't forget to give credit to SOULIS."

Comparto tres de ellas, y los invito a visitarlo: Soulis en PBase

Sólo sé que hay quien hace poesía con imágenes... ¡Simplemente bello!

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Cecy dijo...

bellas imagines mi querido Francisco...


Nerina Thomas dijo...

Muy bueno Francisco!!Todo muy prolijo, estacable. un abrazo